• Judy Clark
                                                                   7th and 8th Elective
                                                            Foods for Today
    Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
    Room 103

    Foods for Today teaches the basic principles of food preparations.  We cover nutrition, food preparation techniques, and shopping.  We begin cooking about 4 weeks into the semester and then cook 2 days per week.  A different food area is covered each week such as snacks, breakfast, salads, sandwiches, pasta, cheese and desserts.  The course is designed to help the students be self sufficient in the kitchen and to be able to cook for their families as well as themselves. This class is  available only to 7th grade students.

    Principles of Hospitality and Tourism is an introductory class for students who are  interested in careers in the field of Hospitality and Tourism (ie. Hotel and Restaurant Management).   It counts as one high school credit and is available only to 8th grade students.