• Mrs. Stephanie Tompkins
    Career and Technology Department
       *Business Information Management
                Why you MUST take BIM!
       *Introduction to Programming
       *Introduction to Tech Systems

    Classroom/Computer Lab 
    Classroom: (281) 641-5851

    Welcome to @MrsTechTompkins 

     Mrs. Tompkins' Class Schedule
    1st Period  - Intro to Programming (7/8 grade)
    2nd Period - BIM (8 grade)
    3rd Period - BIM (8 grade)
    4th Period - Intro to Programming (7/8 grade)
    5th Period - Intro to Tech Systems (6 grade)
    6th Period - Intro to Tech Systems (6 grade)
    7th Period - Planning Period
    Tompkins' Tutoring Times
    By appointment only.

    NOT Available during these times:
    Tuesdays - CSU Meetings in the mornings
     TSA Meetings - to be announced
     Duty - each day at 4:00 p.m.