• Mrs. Sumrall

         Shelley Sumrall
         Pre-AP RELA 6th Grade 

         Room 304



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    Schedule:DEAR Time

    1st Period: Virtual Pre-AP RELA

    2nd Period: Virtual Pre-AP RELA

    3rd Period: Pre-AP RELA

    4th Period: Pre-AP RELA

    5th Period: Individual Passions

    Conference: 6th Period

    7th Period: Individual Passions


    Tutoring Times: Wednesday & Friday Afternoons - 4:00-4:30 (To begin the year.)

    • All tutoring sessions will occur virtually on Zoom. 
    • Students must RSVP on the Schoology calendar link.
    • Students should have specific questions on assignments when attending tutoring.
    • If you are absent, you should attend tutoring to find out missing assignments.

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