meet mrs acosta

    In Oceanside, California, on April 15th, I was born.  My dad was a Marine at the time, and my mom was (and is still) one of those Wonder Moms who seem to get everything done and still look great doing it. My brother and sister both were very excited to have a new sibling, but they both wanted one of their own gender.  My poor brother became instantly outnumbered upon my arrival.  He managed to overcome his suffering while we enjoyed our time at the beach.  From my mom's recollection, my favorite thing in Cali was Disneyland, of course.  My favorite ride then, and now, is It's a Small World. I still go on it as soon as I can grasp the opportunity.

    With a father in the military, it is not surprising that eventually we would move.  We moved to Kansas from California one day in December.  I don't remember too much except that it was cold there...really cold.  Dad retired from the Marines, but there were not many job prospects in the midwest at the time.  So, he went into the oil industry as a personnel manager.  I am not one to really enjoy snow, so I am sure that it was a relief for me to move.  We ended up in Sugarland, Texas where I became a big Astros and Oilers fan.  I was a very sad middle schooler when we moved again because I just loved Houston.

    This time, we moved to Louisiana.  It was a big adjustment, but I ended up loving it.  I met many of my best friends there, and I went to some wonderful schools. I met my future husband Matt in high school, and we ended up commuting to college together. We both earned our bachelors degrees together, and soon afterward, we married on a warm December day.  Since we both enjoyed school, we began our masters degrees together while we worked full time. Despite the stress of just starting off, we both managed to enjoy our schooling and were able to complete it.  I graduated with a masters degree in reading education with a minor in English. 

    We bought our first house.  Actually, it was the house I grew up in.  Our family began soon after.  After several years of teaching and three beautiful daughters being born, Matt finally gave in to my endless begging and moved me back to Houston.  This time, we landed in Kingwood!  We just fell in love with its beauty.  We loved it so much that most of our family members and a few of our friends have followed us here....making it just perfect for us.  I taught at The Oaks of Atascocita for nine years.  At the Oaks, I really began to grow as an educator.  I received a lot of training in math, science, and language arts.  We focused on the affective domain and how to interact with students to really help them succeed. During this time, I earned both my ESL and Gifted and Talented certification.  My girls went to school with me through their elementary years making my situation ideal. I was so proud when I was voted as teacher of the year at the Oaks in 2005.  

    I really enjoyed my time there, but the girls began to grow up as kids tend to do.  I transferred to Deerwood to be closer to my girls' schools.  Although my girls have graduated from KHS, I  look forward to many more years of learning and teaching here.