• Kathryn Clark

    3rd Grade- Reading and English Language Arts
    Rm. 304
    Welcome to Third Grade!
    We will have a wonderful year!
    2019-2020 Class Schedule

    7:45-7:55: Report to the classroom/announcements/ morning work 

    7:55-8:05: Class Morning Meeting

    8:05-9:20: Interactive Read Aloud/guided and independent reading

    9:20-9:50: Word Study

    9:50-10:00: Begin Writer's Workshop

    10:00-10:50: Specials

    10:50-11:35: Writer's Workshop continued/editing/handwriting 

    11:35-12:05: Lunch 

    12:05-12:35: Recess/SSR and restroom

    12:40-12:45 :Switch with Hunter to teach afternoon class

    12:45-2:00: Interactive read aloud/guided and independent reading 

    2:00-2:30:Word Study

    2:30-3:15: Writer's workshop/editing/handwriting

    3:15 Dismissal-I will dismiss afternoon class (Hunter's homeroom)


      TUTORING  BY INVITATION         Parent Orientation slide show

Mrs. Clark