Ms. Alford's First Grade

Alford 1st grade

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    Alison Alford

    First Grade

    Room 111

    (281) 641-1527


    Our Daily Schedule:                                                                                                      

    7:45-8:05: Morning Station work

    8:05- 8:35: Morning Meeting and Calendar

    8:35-8:50: Shared Reading

    8:50-9:10: Independent Reading                                                                                                  

    9:10-9:15: Brain Break activity and Snack

    9:15-9:30:Interactive Read Aloud

    9:30-10:30: Guided Reading and Literacy workstations  

    10:30-11:00: Phonics and Restroom before Specials 

    11:00-12:00: Lunch 

    12:00-12:15:  Handwriting and Restroom before Specials  

    12:15-1:05: Specials (Art, Music, Technology, PE, Music) 

    1:05-2:00: Math 

    2:00-2:40: Writer's Workshop

    2:40-3:10: Science or Social Studies

    3:10-: Stack-Pack, Closing meeting or Read Aloud 

    3:20: Dismissal

     ** Tutoring is offerd to students by invitation only**