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    Mrs. Scelzo's First Grade                                        

    Room 105


    "The mission of Willow Creek Elementary is to provide each child with a quality education that will create
    the foundation of life-long learning."

    Welcome to First Grade! 


    • Schedule  (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
    7:50-8:30        Morning Choice/Announcements/Community Circle
    8:30-8:50        Interactive Read Aoud
    8:50-9:00        Shared Reading,
    9:00-9:30        Phonics
    9:30-10:25      Guided Reading, Independent Reading, Writer's Workshop
    10:20-10:50    Recess
    10:50-11:00     Restroom/Handwashing
    11:00-11:30     Lunch
    11:30-12:15     Read Aloud (Chapter Book)
    12:15-1:05  Specials
                       Monday: Music
                       Tuesday:  PE
                       Thursday:  ART
                       Friday:  PE
    1:05-2:10     Math
    2:10-2:30     Recess       
    2:30-3:05     Science/Social Studies/STEM
    3:05-3:10     Pack Up
    3:10-3:20     Dismissal
    Wednesday Schedule
    7:50-8:30       Morning Choice/Announcements/Community Circle
    8:30-8:50       Interactive read Aloud
    8:50-9:00       Shared Reading
    9:00-9:30       Phonics
    9:30-10:35    Guided Reading, Independent Reading, Writer's Workshop
    10:20-10:50   Recess
    10:50-11:00   Restroom, Handwashing
    11:00-11:30   Lunch
    11:40-12:15   Read Aloud (Chapter Book)
    12:15-2:15     Math, Science/Social Studies
    2:00-2:15       Recess/Pack Up
    2:15-3:10       Specials (Library)
    3:10-3:20       Dismissal
     Willow Creek Cardinals are...            
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