to the
    Willow Creek Art Room

    Lynn Bennett
    Art Teacher
    As a teacher, I wish to provide a stimulating, challenging
    environment where children are encouraged to explore, to create and
    to reach their full potential in the arts, enabling
    their imagination to flourish.
    Good questions to ask
    your child when they bring home an art project:
    How did you do that?
    Can you tell me about it?
    Where did you begin?
    Where did you ever get the idea?
    What was your favorite part?
    If you gave it a title, what would you call it?
    ~Top Ten Reasons ALL Students Need Art~
    10.  Art generates JOY!
    9.  Art promotes critical AND divergent thinking!
    8. Art allows CREATIVE problem solving!
    7.  Art helps them SEE the world!
    6.  Art provides a GATEWAY to learning!
    5.  Art uses technology in NEW ways!
    4.  Art celebrates GLOBAL diversity!
    3.  Art inspires new ideas, ideas, and IDEAS!
    2.  Art connects the HEART, HAND, and MIND!
    1.  My art teacher said SO!