• welcome HI EVERYONE!

         Welcome to third grade! We are going to have a marvelous and magnificent year together, and I'm looking forward to getting to know my students.  I believe that learning is a lifelong process for all of us. 
         I have been an educator for more than 25 years. I have taught preschool, second grade, and third grade. I majored in Education in college, for both my Undergraduate and Masters degrees. From a very young age, my dream was to be a teacher. As my friends can recall, when we played school growing up, I delighted in being the teacher.  I was respected and was inspired by many of my teachers and I can still remember all of their names! Teaching is not simply a profession for me, it is a dedication and a devotion. I believe that my students deserve the very best, and I strive to help develop their minds as well as their hearts. Parents are my students' first teachers, and the parent/teacher partnership is key to their success. Feel free to communicate with me as questions arise.
          I am the proud Mom of a grown son who attended Humble schools and graduated from Texas A & M University! My favorite color is red. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading, gardening, doing brain teaser puzzles, cooking, and listening to music. I like popcorn, almonds, dark chocolate, especially chocolate mint, and iced green tea. I am a fan of WalMart, Target, HEB, and occasionally Starbucks. My favorite season is spring and my favorite holiday is Christmas. Most of all, as I tell my classes, my favorite thing about teaching is MY STUDENTS! 

    Room Number: 406                                Telephone Number: (281) 641-2034              Go to Donorschoose.org to see the project I 

    Email Address: gleeds@humbleisd.net      Conference/Planning time: 8:45- 9:40           have posted for my class


    I am at the far right :)

     The  3rd grade teachers are a team! I am at the far right.  :)