Camille DiTusa

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Ms DiTusa
  • GOALS:

    My goal is that each student enjoys becoming as skillful a musician as he or she is able. 

    Whether we have the potential to make our living making music or we just like to sing in the shower, we all have musical talent to develop and enjoy.


    Using our voices, our bodies and lots and lots of instruments. 

    We play music by different composers and sometimes we create our own music! 

    We dance and create movement to express how music makes us feel.


    We sing songs dance and play music games from around the world.



  •  Conference: 7:50-8:45

    3rd grade: 8:45-9:40  

    4th grade: 9:40-10:35

    5th grade: 10:35-11:30

    Lunch:  11:30-12:00

    Kindergarten:  12:00-12:55

    1st grade: 12:55-1:50

    2nd grade:  1:50-2:45 



  • WHO I AM:

    2019-2020 will be my 17th year of making music with Timbers Elementary students!  Before becoming an elementary teacher, I taught music theory and piano at LoneStar College in Kingwood, The Hochestein School and Eastman Community Music School in Rochester, New York.   I was also fortunate enough to be able to make music with members of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra as a teaching artist for Young Audiences Rochester. 


    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Piano Performance: 

                 State University of New York at Buffalo

    Master of Arts in Music Theory:   

                 Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester

    Master of Arts in Music Education:

                 Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester

    Orff-Schulwerk training – Levels l, ll, lll:  Eastman School of Music

                         Master Class:  Southern Methodist University