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    • Grade: 9th
      World Geography/Social Studies/
      Room Number: 1103

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    Classroom Expectations:

    1.   RESPECT: I hold this quality at the highest of expectations in my classroom. In order for this classroom to be as successful as possible, we all must respect one another. I, as your teacher, will show you the same respect I expect to be shown. Students will be expected to be respectful to everyone and everything in my classroom. This includes but not limited to: me, other students, themselves, school property, school rules, etc. . .

    2.   PREPERATION:  This includes being on time to class with your appropriate materials and assigned work. I also expect students to come to class prepared to participate in the lesson.

    3.   Honesty and Integrity: I have a NO TOLERANCE policy on cheating or plagiarism. If a student is caught cheating on any assignment, they will receive a zero on the assignment and their parent will be notified of the situation via phone call. Remember, your integrity is one of your most prized possessions and it is not worth compromising over a few extra points.


    Grading Policy:


    ·         Major Grades: 60%  (Tests and Projects)

    ·         Daily Grades:  40%   (Daily Assignments, Quizzes, and Homework)

    ·         Late Work: 10 points off for every day an assignment is late until the third day; no late assignments will be taken after the third day.

    ·         Extra credit to boost scores at the end of each semester will not be awarded.


    Cheating/Academic Dishonesty:



    Cheating and instances of academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, obtaining, giving or copying answers to test, quizzes, homework, notes, notecards or any other assignment will result in a grade of zero and parental/administrative notification.


    Make-Up Work Due to Absence Policy:


    If a student is absent, they should first refer to the ABSENT folder for their class to access materials. If the student knows in advance that they will be absent (due to a school function, funeral, family emergency, etc.), they should let ME know of their absence and continuously check the ABSENT folder for updates while they are away.

    • Missed TestsBeing absent on the day before a test does not excuse the student from taking the test on its scheduled date. All missed tests must be made up within one week of the student’s return to school.  The student should make arrangements with me to take a make-up test during my regular tutoring times.   Failure to make up a test within one week will result in a zero.

    • Missed Assignments due to absence: Being present on the day an assignment is assigned but absent on the day an assignment is due does not excuse the student from turning in the assignment as soon as they return to school. The student must check the ABSENT FOLDER for missing classwork and assignments on the date of return and complete any missed assignment within three school daysThe student is also responsible for any notes missed and need to ask a classmate for the notes.




    Retake Policy


    Students may retake any Major Grade if they receive less than a 75. In order to qualify for the retake, students must:

    ·         Attend a tutorial session to review material

    ·         Complete all related or missing assignments

    Atascocita Policies and Procedures:  All Atascocita High School policies and procedures will be followed and enforced.

    1.   Arrival:  Students must arrive to class on time with all supplies everyday and take care of all errands before class begins, including using the restroom.  Any student walking in after the bell for any reason will be marked tardy and be subject to the AHS tardy policy.  Restroom policy will be discussed in class.


    2.   Class Time:  Students will remain seated at their desks during instruction time unless given permission by the teacher to do otherwise.  This procedure applies to all of the following incidents:


    ·         Throwing trash away

    ·         Obtaining supplies for projects

    ·         Sharpening pencils 



    3.   Electronics: Electronics that are not provided by Humble ISD are NOT allowed for classroom use. Cell phones must be silent or turned off before arriving to class. If a parent needs to contact a student in a non-emergency situation while he/she is in class, the parent should first call AHS to connect with the student. AHS policy will be enforced when electronics are visible and/or cause a disturbance.



    Encouragement & Response:

    Positive reinforcement will be maintained for individuals, groups, and classes consistently exhibiting correct behavior and adherence to the Non-Negotiables. Positive reinforcement can be given in the form of increased group activity opportunities. The greater trust provides more chances to demonstrate their responsibility and skill abilities. In layman’s terms, the more correct behavior and skill the students accomplish, the more they will be allowed to do.

    Responses to negative behavior and disrespect will be consistently administered as needed. Disrespectful and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in this class in order to guarantee a safe and cohesive learning environment. Negative behavior will be immediately addressed and then handled individually in the following order:

    1.         1st Offense – Warning (in class or privately depending on the negative action)

    2.         2nd Offense – Parental contact to discuss possible causes and changes needed

    3.         3rd Offense – Referral is written and the student will be sent to their Principal

    4.         Immediate Parental and Principal contact can be issued for severe behavior

     Please note that I use every occasion and effort at my disposal for teachable moments. A student whose behavior is based on a lack of knowledge and understanding of the material will have every opportunity available to them for correction. A student reaching the point of a written referral has displayed a blatant disregard for their class and personal accomplishment. Even students with parental and principal contact will still be given the opportunities for behavior and academic corrections



  • 1st Period-W Geo  7:25-8:11 Monday,Tuesday,Friday
    2nd Period-W Geo 8:19-9:05 Monday,Tuesday,Friday
    3rd Period-W Geo 9:13-10:02 Monday,Tuesday,Friday
    4th Period-W Geo 10:10-10:56 Monday,Tuesday,Friday
    5th Period-W Geo  11:04-1:06 Monday, Tuesday, Friday

    Lunch 12:03-12:32
    6th Period 1:13-2:00
    7th Period-Conference



    Block Day Schedule

    1st Period-W Geo  7:25-9:06 Wednesday
    2nd Period-W Geo 9:25-11:03 Thursday
    3rd Period-W Geo 9:14-10:57 Wednesday

    4th Period-W Geo 11:09-1:12  Thursday

    6th Period- W Geo    

    7th Period-Conference

Tutoring Schedule

  •  My official tutoring times are Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, but tutoring is ALWAYS available. If the student is ever confused or just needs a little extra help, they should come and see me so we can schedule a time that is convenient to meet.  Please do not let students hesitate or wait until the day of the test or the end of the six weeks to let me know they need help.