• Hello!

    I'm Mrs. Mastromonaco, also known as Mrs. M!  

    I always had a passion for teaching, so I am so excited to be the new Math Interventionist at West Lake Middle School!

    I grew up in Virginia, and have lived in Southern California for a while before moving to Texas in 2021.  

    I live with my wonderful husband, my five-year-old son, and two very needy dobermans!

    My interests include teaching, art, video games, and tabletop games.

    It is my joy and pleasure to work with the students and staff here at West Lake!

    Let's all have a great school year!

  • Location - 2nd Floor Flex Hall

    Period 1 Push-In Intervention

    Period 2 Push-In Intervention

    Period 3 Push-In Intervention

    Period 4 Small Group Intervention

    Period 5 Conference

    Period 6 Push-In Intervention

    Period 7 Push-In Intervention