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  • Aerielle Rodriguez
    Room: 2316

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  • 1st - Conference
    2nd - Chemistry
    3rd -  Chemistry
    4th - Chemistry
    5th - Chemistry (D Lunch)
    6th - Chemistry
    7th - Chemistry



Tutoring Schedule

  • Chemistry Tutorials are available from 3:00pm-3:30pm in Room 2317.

    Monday: Overseen by Ms.Rodriguez

    Tuesday: Overseen by Mr.Mulder

    Wednesday: By Appointment Only

    Thursday: Overseen by Ms.Richins

    Friday: Overseen by Mr.Hong

    Morning Tutorials from 7:00am-7:15am can be arranged by Appointment Only. 



    • Be Kind 
      • No Profanity
      • No Bullying of any kind
      • Help and Support each other 
    • Be Respectful 
      • Do not speak while others are speaking
      • Raise your hands if you have questions
      • Maintain a clean classroom
    • Be Engaged
      • Bring your Chemistry Notebook, Something to write with, and a Laptop daily
      • No Phones, No Headphones
      • No Cheating


    Classroom Policies 


    Attendance will be taken daily when the late bell rings. If a student is Tardy, they are required to get a Tardy pass from the Hall Secretary in order to enter the room. No exceptions. 


    The Syllabus and Course Calendar can be accessed through Schoology. Most formative assignments and all powerpoints will be posted on Schoology daily. In order for an assignment to be graded, it must be inputted into Schoology unless otherwise specifically stated by the Teacher. If a student is absent, they should check the Schoology folder for the day they missed and ask the teacher for any clarifications or if they need help completing the missed assignment. 

    Grading Policy

    40% = Formative Assessments (Daily)

    60% = Summative Assessments (20% per Test)

    There will be time to do all the Formative Assessments during class. If a student does not finish in class, then it is Homework. All Formative Assessments will be due the following Monday at 7:00am. Any late work will receive a 10% penalty for every day it is late. Any late work turned in more than a week late will not be accepted. 

    All Summative Assessments will be due when the bell rings. If a student is absent on the day of a test they must come to the first tutorial from the day of their return to make it up.