• I am a native Spanish Speaker. I moved to Houston, Texas a little more than a decade ago, where I started working in the education field. I am a mother of two children. At home, we try to communicate every day both in English and Spanish. So, I understand first-hand both the challenges and benefits of teaching an additional language to the new generation of students. Learning a new language is a very fun and rewarding experience!

    My family and I enjoy traveling through the US and overseas. We are always looking forward to meeting and communicating with new people.

    Telephone: (281) 641-5853

    Email:  Mrs. Sagastume

    Room: D109


    Conference time: 8:30-9:15  

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  • Period 1: Conference

    Period 2: Spanish 1

    Period 3: Spanish 1

    Period 4: Spanish 1

    Period 5: Spanish 1

    Period 6: Spanish 1

    Period 7: Spanish 1

Mrs. Sagastume