• Ms. Kat Shannon
    8th RELA Teacher

    This is my first yeat at WLMS, and I'm so excited to join the pack! While I'm new to WLMS, this is my 8th year teaching RELA. When I'm not at school, I'm with my daughter, Claire. We love go to to the beach, travel, and cheer for the Astros! My favorite authors are Katharine McGee and Jane Austen. 


    Contact Information:

    Email kathleen.shannon@humbleisd.net

    Phone 281.641.5825

    Room B114

    Twitter @reading_wolves

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

    8:30-9:17 Period 1 8th Advanced RELA

    9:22-10:09 Period CONFERENCE

    10:14-11:01 Period 3 8th Advanced RELA

    11:06-1:26 Period 4 & Advisory 8th RELA

    1:31-2:18 Period 5 8th RELA

    2:23-3:10 Period 6 8th RELA

    3:15-4:02 8th Advanced RELA


    Late Arrival Thursdays

    10:00-10:32 Period 1 Advanced RELA

    10:37-11:09 Period CONFERENCE

    11:14-11:46 Period 3 8th Advanced RELA

    11:51-2:11 Period 4 & Advisory 8th RELA

    2:16-2:48 Period 5 8th RELA

    2:53-3:25 Period 6 8th RELA

    3:30-4:02 8th Advanced RELA

  • Tutorials Mondays 7:50-8:30 with a pass.