• Bio:

    Leaugan Bernabo is a Houston-based artist, art educator, and philanthropist originally from New Orleans, LA.  He received his BFA in Painting with a minor in Art History at M.C.A in 2016 and has had shows in Houston, TX, New Orleans, LA, Kansas City, MO, Pittsburgh, PA, and Memphis, TN.  His work focuses on themes of human connection, identity and spirituality.

    Professional summary:

    It is in my best interest to stimulate the practice, skill, and enthusiasm of the perceptible arts of individuals that are willing to process and accelerate their individual/general ability.  Not only do I wish to further the artistic method, but also the reasoning behind the approach.  I want to stimulate inspiration in the developing mind and create a safe space to learn and ask questions while facilitating an encouraging path to self-authenticity. 


    Leaugan Bernabo (Mr. B)

    Room : 8176

    Email : leaugan.bernabo@humbleisd.net

    Phone : (281) 641-6300 ext. 6401

    Subject : Fine Arts 

  • Schedule:

    1 : IB Art I-II  

    2 : Art I

    3 : Art I

    4 : Art I

    5 : Conference Period

    6 : Painting II - IV

    7 : Art I 

Mr. B