• Course Schedule

    1st Period - Principles of Business (Full Year)

    2nd Period - Intro to Engineering and Technology (Semester)

    3rd Period - Principles of Business (Full Year)

    4th Period - Principles of Business (Full Year)

    5th Period - Conference 

    6th Period - Introduction to STEM (Semester)

    7th Period - Introduction to STEM (Semester)

    Room - #C107

    Ext. 5850

  • Tutoring

    If a parent, after speaking with me, feels that tutoring in one of my courses is necessary, I will be happy to find a time to provide extra assistance with the course work.  I will be at school around 7:30 AM every day.  I will be at school until around 5 o' clock every day.  I would be happy to review and recalibrate which pieces we've missed to ensure a complete understanding of my courses.

    I will go above and beyond for my students and their success.  It is very important to me.

  • Hello,

    I am Donald R. Wells III, a graduate from the University of Arkansas, and I specialize in business administration, supply chains, and all facets of entrepreneurship.  It is my number one goal for this school year to have my students organized, prepared, and ready for their high school career. 

    I will work every day to ensure that my students gain a substantial understanding of the all-encompassing world of business, engineering, and help them to gain an understanding of what exactly they may want to do when they arrive at high school. 

    This is important because it allows them to discover categories of careers that they may never have known that they have a great talent and passion for.  If they did not take our courses, a student that loves LEGO's may never know that they've already started to enjoy engineering.  If we add robots, architecture, problem solving, and application, we may have discovered a student with a knack for serious breakthrough design.  A student who loves to paint nails may not even realize that business allows them to make a living painting nails.  In fact, it is actually and actively possible that a few nail salons, managed appropriately, will create a revenue stream that categorizes that person as "wealthy."  This is why I work in education.  I want my students to realize their potential and realized the possibilities.

    Career and Technical Education is important to students.  On our side of the aisle, we provide education to students on topics and subjects that traditional education does not necessarily focus on or cover with further depth.  In our district, the students who participate in CTE programs will often find careers, jobs and even become state licensed in one of our many programs.  This will allow them to have an easier time finding work after high school.

    Our goal in Career and Technical Education at Humble ISD (6th through 12th) is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to immediately participate in the workforce as skilled employees.

    With great hope and ambition,

    Donald R. Wells III

    Career and Technical Education

    Room #C107

    Ext. 5850

Mr. Donald Wells III