Coach Fran

  • "Public education is learning to do things you do not want to do with 100% effort, integrity, character, and commitment..."

    -Tony Hoffman


M. Teacher photo
  • Tim Franciskovich (Coach Fran)
    Room: 2410 

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  • 1st-4th - Algebra 3 Rm. 2410

    5th - Conference
    6th - Girl's Soccer
    7th - Girl's Soccer


    If you have any questions regarding our weekly schedule and classroom materials, please refer to Schoology. 

    If you have a question regarding student performance, please check their grades for any missing assignments and feel free to email me. 

Tutoring Schedule

  • Morning - Mon/Tues 6:45-7:15am in Rm. 2410

    Afternoon - Tues/Thurs 3-3:30pm in Rm. 2409 (Mrs. Hicks' Room)


    If you have a schedule conflict regarding tutorials or making up assignments, please email/call me so we can find a time to help you


  • Classroom Policies 

    Be on time

    Be prepared (having a writing utensil is always a good place to start)

    Respect my time when I'm teaching, then I'll respect your time to work in class. 

    Phones away during instruction

    Communicate any issues/questions in a timely manner. Give me 24hrs to respond to emails.