Learning a new language is opening a door to a whole new world.

Megan Gingoyon
  • Ms. Gingoyon

    Spanish 1
    Room: N/A

Course Description

  • Spanish 1 is designed to prepare students to communicate and understand basic Spanish in common everyday situations. With this goal in mind, students will practice the basic communication skills, which include listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In addition to learning the language, students will also become familiar with cultural practices and celebrations which are common in the Spanish-speaking world. Success in this course will be determined by the student’s ability to demonstrate functional use of the Spanish skills covered in class, as well as the student’s participation and completion of assignments. We WILL be speaking Spanish!  Remember: one of the biggest benefits of learning a second language is that it will help you be successful later on in your career! The more languages you speak = the more $$ you make!  


  • My schedule is as follows:

    1st - Spanish 1
    2nd - Spanish 1  
    3rd - Spanish 1  
    4th - Conference
    5th - Spanish 1  
    6th - Spanish 1  
    7th - Spanish 1  

Tutoring Schedule

  • Afternoon: T/TH - 3:00-3:30pm