• Susan Michelle Aiello, M.Ed.

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    Gradebook key:

    X - means the student was exempt from this assignment. This does not count against their average.

    Z - means the assignment is missing. This will factor in as a zero in the course average.

    0 - means that the assignment was not turned in within 2 weeks of the due date.

    Check Mark - means that the teacher has received the assignment, but has not been graded. Not calculated into the average grade.

    BLANK - means that the assignment has not been turned in. This counts as a 0, however it can still be turned in for a late grade.


  • Reading Strategies Information

    • First Period Office Hours

      • Monday-Wednesday & Friday 8:25-9:17AM

      • Thursday 10:10-10:45 AM

    • Tutoring Day

      • Thursday (after school)

    • Supplies for Class (needed by the 2nd week of school)

      • Pocket Folder

      • Composition Notebook