• BradLEY D. Kiser

    • Bradley.Kiser@HumbleISD.net

      Astronomy, IPC, & Virtual IPC

      This is Coach Kiser's 7th year in education and his first year at #THEPARK.  Coach Kiser is a graduate of Sam Houston State University where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Physics.  Coach Kiser coaches the freshman offensive and defensive lineman in our football program and will also be coaching baseball in the spring.  He and his wife Kimberly live in the Valley Ranch neighborhood of Porter and have a daughter, Billye.  Coach Kiser is excited about the new year and looking forward to meeting the students.

  • Room Locations

    1st - 2206 (Astronomy)

    2nd - 2214 (Astronomy)

    4th - 2102 (Astronomy)

    6th - 2212 (IPC)  

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  • Tutoring Schedule: 

    Wednesday Flex A (Room TBD)

    Thursday Flex B (Room TBD)

    Duty Location IN CASE YOU NEED ME!

    Monday Flex A (1400/Cross Hallway)

    Tuesday Flex B (Upstairs Commons/Library Exit)


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