• Lunch/Item Drop Off Practice

    As part of the district-wide security measures, parents/guardians will leave items for students as well as lunches at a table in our secure lobby.  All items must be labeled with the student's name and grade level, and placed on the cart that corresponds to their assigned lunch (A, B, or C).  All items will be delivered to the cafeteria during their assigned lunch.  Unclaimed items will be left on the cart.  

    AMS will not be accepting lunches for students from outside vendors, even if a parent orders the lunch.  Examples are Door Dash, Panera, or any other delivery service. We are also not responsible for items dropped of late and/or placed on the wrong cart.  

    Because this is a secure lobby, please do not text your student to meet you in the lobby or come up to this area to pick up anything that has been dropped off.  We have these practices in place to keep ALL of our students safe, and appreciate your adherence to these practices