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    Kingwood High Student Advocacy


    Founded in 2022-2023





    What specifically are you guys advocating for?

    Kingwood High's Student  Advocacy (KHSA) advocates for the welfare of EVERY mustang. Over the course of the school year, KHSA will not be afraid to bring awareness to issues we see afflicting the student body. Examples of issues we bring awareness to, but are not exclusively advocating for, are body dysmorphia, fighting, sexual abuse, drugs, discrimination of every kind, cyberbullying, domestic abuse etc. Our purpose is to advocate for the welfare of all mustangs, so if a student presents a school issue they feel doesn't get talked about much, we will gladly try and add that to our year's agenda. Additionally, we encourage students to always voice their opinions on matters so that they may be empowered enough to change their environment everywhere they go.


    How do you guys plan to solve said "issues"

    in Kingwood High?

    Kingwood High's Student Advocacy (KHSA) uses restorative practices to attempt to solve issues afflicting students of Kingwood High. More specifically, KHSA holds community circles sessions in which an issue is presented among a group of students. In this circle time, students are able to voice their perspective on the issue and then, towards the end, come up with solutions to the issue. This way, we can get a full look at student opinions and use them to converse with administration on how to fix even the most daunting issues.


    What does this club teach me?

    Kingwood High Student Advocacy is fundamentally centered around advocacy. By actively participating in club events and meetings, students will learn to speak out about their beliefs and learn to advocate for others as well as themselves.


    Is the club just about politics?

    Kingwood High's Student Advocacy (KHSA) handles issues afflicting Kingwood High solely, so any issue of anything that doesn't directly affect students of Kingwood High is not in our scope of focus.