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    2023-2024 Emerald's Dance Team Auditions

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    The Autumn Ridge  Dance Program offers students a wide variety of dance styles and techniques.  Students in grades 6th-8th  have the opportunity to study dance as part of their academic program fulfilling fine art, physical education, or elective credit.  Courses are structured by TEA dance curriculum guidelines. 


    Autumn Ridge Middle School offers three levels of dance, including Introduction to Dance, Intermediate Dance, and Advanced. Students are also provided performance opportunities throughout the year.  The first three levels are technique-based, focusing on various disciplines (including modern dance, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, musical theatre, and contemporary), dance history, choreography and performance.  Both written and practical assessments are administered throughout the year.


    There is also our Elite Team for all upper level dance classes, the Emerald's Dance Team.  Auditions are generally held in March and April for the following school year. The Emerald's Dance Team are competitive and  performance-based.  We also meet as a class during the school day. Our organization requires after-school rehearsals and performances throughout the entire school year.



         Emerald's Dance Director & Dance Teacher  Ms. Weathers

    Contact Email: tjweathe@humbleisd.net

    Subject: Dance 


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    4A Confrence & Planning Period

    5A Emeralds Dance Team