Welcome to the Registrar's Office!

  • Veronica Mitchell





    August 3rd& 4th, 2022

    1:00 - 7:00 PM 

    All returning students must attend Gator Camp with a parent/guardian unless you have completed the Annual Update process online and provide all required documentation.

    Proof of residency in Humble ISD

    • For students residing in a house, the lease (within 30 days), deed, or a current utility (gas, water, electricity) bill is required.
    • For students residing in an apartment, a lease containing parent and student names or a letter from the apartment manager is required.
    • If both parent and student live with a relative or friend in Humble ISD whose residence is not an apartment, the parent and the person with whom they reside must submit a notarized Verification of Address affidavit form and must have their ID/TDL at the address. Email the campus registrar to request the required form. 


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