Welcome to Pre-AP Chemistry

  • Lisa Baughman                                     

    Pre-AP Chemistry 

    Spartans Family/Interact                                         

    Room 1319                                                                             



  • Tutoring: 

    • AM (8:00-8:35am)- Tues., Thurs.
    • Flex (12:30-1pm)- Tues., Wed., Thurs.
  • Best way to reach me:

    • Email- cbaughm@humbleisd.net
      • Great for detailed messages, discussions, and/or questions about grades. I usually reply within a day.
    • Remind-
      • I use this mobile app a lot, especially to remind students of deadlines or specific activities they should complete at home. This is also the best way to text me if you have a short question or concern.
      • Text the following codes to 81010
        • For Chemistry: @cbaughmans
        • For Spartans: @sp4rt4ns
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  • Schedule:

    • Monday/Wednesday
      • 9th- Family
      • 1st- Learning Lab
      • 2nd- PAP Chemistry
      • 3rd- PAP Chemistry
      • 4th- PAP Chemistry
    • Tuesday/Thursday
      • 9th- Spartan Family
      • 5th- Learning Lab
      • 6th- Conference
      • 7th- PAP Chemistry
      • 8th- PAP Chemistry