Happy Birthday Cupcake


    We want students to have amazing birthdays.

    If you would like the class to share in the celebration, we encourage you to purchase ice cream through the cafeteria which can be ordered here:

       Birthday Treat Form - Please complete

    Parents may drop off STORE-bought cupcakes at the front office. Teachers will pass out one to each student in the class during the last 5 minutes of lunch. If there are not enough cupcakes, staff will not pass them out to the class.


    Please do not bring pizza, balloons, flowers, party favors, goodie bags, gifts, etc. to school. If so they will remain in the front office all day and the student can pick them up at dismissal. Party favors will not be passed out to the class.


    Marquee Birthday Greeting is Back!

    The Marquee Birthday Announcement is open for sign-up for the 2021 - 2022 school year. Sign your child up to see their name in the big lights on their special day! Birthdays, Early Birthdays, Belated Birthdays, and Good Luck messages are all welcome. Thank you for your support!


    NOTE: Form and payment ($10 for 24 hours) may be submitted at any time for future marquee scheduling. In order for your marquee request to be processed, we must give advanced notice to Donna Kincer. Please remember to allow a minimum of 14-calendar days advance notice for processing. This advanced notice is needed in order to process your marquee requests in a timely manner. **Complete the information in Marquee space on Membership toolkit, one form per student**