Career & Technical Education

Agriculture Food & Natural Resources

  • Corey Taylor - Advanced Animal Science, Wildlife Fisheries and Ecology, Agricultural Mechanics and Metal Technologies, Agricultural Facilities Design and Fabrication

    Megan Walker - Principles of Agriculture and Principles and Elements of Floral Design

    Rashayla Johnson- Livestock, Principles of Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine


Architecture and Construction  

  • Kelly Scarberry - Interior Design & Advanced Interior Design , Intro to Culinary, Principles of Hospitality, Principles of Human Service

    Daphne Rios - Engineering Design & Presentation, Principles of Applied Engineering

    John Cobb - Principles of Applied Engineering, Principles of Architecture,  Architecture Design I & II


Arts, Audiovisual Technology and Communication

  • Jeff Mack- Audio/Video Production I, Audio/Video Production II, Practicum in Audio/Video Production and Animation I

    Michael Saxton - Graphic Design & Illustration, Graphic Design & Illustration II, Practicum Graphic Design & Illustration

    Ann Wehrman - Animation I, Animation II, Practicum in Animation

    Stephanie Davila - Video Game Design

Business Management & Administration


  • Darlene Wall - Accounting 1 & 2, Touch Systems Data Entry, Securities/ Investment  

 Education and Training

Health Science

Hospitality and Tourism

Law, Public Safety & Security  

  • Anissa Aamons-Wilkins - Law Enforcement I, Law Enforcement II and Practicum of Law, Criminal Investigations

    Laura Nielsen - Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security, Court Systems and Practices, Criminal Investigations

    Kia Russell -  Forensic Science

Human Services

Information Technology

  • Scott Ford- Computer Maintenance/Telecommunications and Networking, Principles of Information Technology, CISCO I/II

    Stephanie Davila- Computer Programming 1, AP Computer Programming II Honors, AP Computer Science Principles


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics


Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics  

  • Tommie Whitaker - Automotive Basics, Automotive Technology 1 and Automotive Technology 2

    Jeff Wilson - Collision Repair Paint and Refinishing, Advanced Collision Repair and Refinishing @ KPHS