• H E L L O   A N D   W E L C O M E
    Howdy y'all, I am so glad you are here.
    I'm Karah Garcia and I teach English IV and AP Seminar. 
    As a former Mustang myself, I can tell you with all sincerity that there is no other school like KHS. 
    I am fortunate to teach here amongst so many incredible students and look forward to learning with, and from, you all.
    ROOM: 2410
    PHONE: 281-641-7050
    EMAIL: kmgarcia@humbleisd.net
    1st: Conference
    2nd: AP Seminar  
    3rd: AP Seminar
    4th: English IV  
    5th: English IV
    6th: English IV
    7th: English IV
    Tuesday: A Block
    Thursday: A Block 
    Mornings/afternoons by appointment
    *Additional course information and resources are located in Schoology.