• Mary Ann Wosenitz

    Art Teacher @ Oaks Elementary

    email: mwoseni@humbleisd.net

    Room#: Multipurpose 1

    Kindergarten-5th grade

    ART Schedule 2021-2022

    Grading Guidelines

    The Artist Pledge

    As an artist, I pledge to try my best every day. I will:

    A - Always listen and follow directions.

    R - Raise my hand before speaking.

    T - Treat others and supplies with respect.

    I - Imagine my own ideas and be creative.

    S - Sit and stay in my seat. (Unless otherwise directed by the teacher.)

    T - Take time to clean up my mess.

    Consequences for not being an Artist:

    1. Verbal reminder from Ms. Wose.

    2. You will be given a "STOP" sign. This means: Please STOP what you are doing and make a better choice. Consider this your warning.

    3. Talk with Ms. Wose and your teacher.

    4. Contact parent/guardian and sent to the Rethinking Room.

    Rewards for being an Artist:

    * HOOT tickets!

    *Class Points: 10 good class behavior visits are rewarded with a special Art activity!!



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