• "All of us are born for a reason,but all of us don't discover why.Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself.It's what you do for others."-Danny Thomas-Founder of St. Jude Children's Cancer Research Hospital

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Welcome to English II

  • We will continue to use Schoology to find all lessons and assignments for absent students or any student who would like to reprint or review the lessons.

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  • 1st - English II
    2nd - English II
    3rd - Conference
    4th - English II
    5th - English II-A Lunch
    6th - Dyslexia
    7th - Dyslexia  


Tutoring Schedule

  • Tuesday & Thursday- 2:52-3:15
    Friday- No Tutorials
    *6:45-7:15 Before School (Please Schedule with the Teacher Ahead of Time)
    **If These Times Don't Work for You, Please Email to Set up a Time That Works for Both of Us.  I'm Here to Help!



  •  The Three Core Components of OUR class:

    1. Do Hard Things

    2. Be Kind

    3. Have Fun!

    If you persevere, do " all the things" (especially the hard ones) and act kind, we get to have fun. Simple as that!

    Electronic Devices

    Devices will be needed for class this year and should be used appropriately, depending on the task. However, phone use is a privilege, NOT a Right! "Any student who abuses this privilege through unauthorized or inappropriate use can lose this privilege, and disciplinary measures can be imposed"-AHS Eagle Policy.

    You are responsible for missed learning, quizzes, and tests if you are absent. Students who are absent MUST attend a tutorial within a week of the day missed.
    Students who arrive after the tardy bell must go to the house secretary for a tardy pass. No students will be admitted to the classroom after the tardy bell without a pass.
    Supply List
    Required: Composition book and folder or Binder with lined paper,  black, blue, and red colored pens (for editing), and highlighters Requested: Pens, paper, markers, Kleenex, Germ-X, or pencils (We have a class stash for students.) Optional: glue stick, page protectors, post-it notes for annotation, as well as your copies of the novels and plays we will be reading this year so you can mark them up. **I highly recommend students be comfortable with using Google drive for essays and projects, and it is a good idea to have Drive, Docs, Schoology, Flipgrid, and Slides on your device already  

    I believe Everyone is a LEADER, Everyone has a VOICE, and SUCCESS for ALL!