"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader" - Margaret Fuller

  • About Me

    Hello! My name is Allison McGinnis and I am an English III teacher at Atascocita High School. This will be my 4th year as an 11th grade level English teacher, and 2nd year teaching at Atascocita High School. My primary goal as an English teacher is to nurture the development of empathy and compassion in my students. This year we will focus on what we call a "home",  and how we construct a sense of belonging in our world. Students will interact with a variety of text from multiple viewpoints and create various styles of writing to explore their idea of what belonging means to them. 

    A little bit about myself: I am working towards earning my Master's in Education to further my knowledge as a teacher at Atascocita High School. Some of my interests and hobbies include reading, gardening, and running. I do have two little ones who enjoy running with me and helping me design our flowerbeds at home. 

    Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you ever have any issues or questions. I am only an email and/or phone call away!

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  • Ms. McGinnis
    English Department
    Room: 2607

Assignments and Late Work

  • All assignments are in Schoology. Use MyHumble to log in.

    If you miss a day of school, log onto Schoology to retrieve any assignments you may have missed. All assignments must be turned in through a physical copy. No assignments will be submitted through Schoology.

Ms. McGinnis's Class Schedule

  • 1st - English III
    2nd - Conference (great time for parent/teacher conference calls!)
    3rd - English III
    4th - English III
    5th - English III
    6th - English III
    7th - English III


    Student communication is best through Schoology. Students, DO NOT SEND ME AN EMAIL! I receive hundreds of emails a day, and yours could possible get lost in the shuffle.

    Parent communication is best through email. If you do need to call me, please do so during my conference period.


  • Tutorial Days and Times:

    Monday - 3:00pm - 3:30pm

    Tuesday - 3:00pm - 3:30pm

    There are other English III teachers available at other days/times. If you need tutoring on a day that is not part of my tutorial schedule, please talk to me and we will find a way for you to receive the extra help you deserve!

Student Expectations

  • Every student is expected to:

    • Be kind. 
    • Be prepared.
    • Be respectful. 

    Absent and make-up work policies: 

    • Absent make-up work needs to be turned in 3 days from the time the student returns to school.
    • Late work will be accepted 3 days after due date.
    • Make-up work can be found in classroom AND on Schoology