Coach Morales
  • My name is Tony Morales, this will be my 2nd year teaching and coaching at Kingwood Park.   

    Luis Morales 

    Phone: 682-667-3272



    Room: Floater 

    Subject: Special Education/Athletics 

    Sports Coached: Football (Offensive Line) and Track (Discus)


    Class Schedule

    1st- 2206 Astronomy  

    2nd- 2208 Aquatic Science 

    3rd- 2208 Aquatic Science  

    4th- 2208 Aquatic Science

    5th- Athletics 

    6th- 2208 Aquatic Science 

    7th- Confrence 

    Confrence Period: 7th period Mon/Tues/Fri 2:00pm-2:50pm