• Mrs. Emily Herrin

    Room Number: 2102

    Phone Number: (281) 641-6685

    Email: emily.herrin@humbleisd.net



    1st Period: Art Sculpture 2,3,4

    2nd Period: Art Sculpture 2,3,4

    3rd Period: Art 1 General

    4th Period: Conference/Planning Period

    5th Period: Art 1 General

    6th Period Art 1 General

    7th Period Art 1 General


    FLEX HOUR Schedule:

    Tuesday: Tutoring/Lunch

    Wednesday: Lunch/Tutoring

    Thursday: Art Club/Lunch



    Hello! My name is Emily Herrin and  I will be teaching Art 1 and Sculpture 2,3,4. I am excited to be a part of the K Park Team! I have been teaching Art at the middle school level for 5 years. I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts from Stephen F Austin State University in Ceramics and Art Education in 2016. I also have 12 years of watercolor training. I enjoy all aspects of art, but my favorite mediums are ceramics, watercolor, and photography. I also love sewing, jewelry making, printmaking, and much more. 



    I believe Art has always been a part of humanity…it connects us in ways language cannot and it shows emotions that words fail to express. Art can last for thousands of years or be gone in mere seconds. Art is everywhere…you only have to open your eyes to see it.