Hello! I would formally like to introduce myself as Mr. Geo. As your student's art instructor it will be my goal to work with each student individually to help them grow as young artists and to help them develop an appreciation and love for the arts. Students in my classroom will be able to experience different kinds of mediums from 2D to 3D, such as drawing, painting, textiles, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and mixed media.

    A 25$ art fee is required for my class, which will be collected thru Revtrack, which will cover your child's art fee for all beginning and arts and crafts classes.

    Please contact me if you have any questions regarding your child's fine arts program. I look forward to working with your student to provide them with the best art experience possible.

  • Period 1 - Beginning Art

    Period 2 - Beginning Art

    Period 3 - Conference

    Period 4 - Beginning Art

    Period 5 - Arts & Crafts

    Period 6 - Beginning Art

    Period 7 - Beginning Art


  • Mr. Geo


    Subject - Art: Beginning Art and Arts & Crafts

    Room Number: 614

    Telephone Number: 281-641-3850

    Email Address: