• Hello, I'm Kiara Byous the Computer Technology, Accounting and Finance CTE Wheel Tecaher! The purpose the CTE Wheel is to pique the interest of students about careers in Computer Technology and Business! At the end of  this 4-5 week course, they will leave with a wealth of knowlege and skills that can be applied to careers in the computer technology and business realm.  

    Course Outline: 

    • Career Investigation: Computer Technology 
    • Building a Computer
    • Programing a Computer 
    • Disesambling a Computer 
    • Future CPA"s Project 
    • Accounting 101 and The Counting Game 
    • Max Revenue: Jordan 1 Design Competiton 
    • Accounting Jenga 
    • Cash Flow Game Play 
    • Who Wants to Be an Accounting Game 
    • Bank on It 
    • Shark Tank: Classroom Edition 


    Tutoting: Avaliable upon Request 


    Contact Information: 

    Email: kbyous@humbleisd.net


    Image of Kiara Byous

    September 7th- October 1st : Atascocita MIddle School

    • Conference Period: 5th Period 

    August 10-September 3rd: Timberwood Middle School

    • Conference Period: 1st Period 

    October 11th- November 5th: Humble Middle School

    • Conference Period: 7th Period 

    November 8th- December 17th: Ross Sterling Middle School

    • Conference Period: 1st and 5th Period 

    March 21st- April 22nd: Kingwood Middle School

    • Conference Period: 3rd Period 

    February 14th- March 11th: Creekwood Middle School

    • Conference Period: 1st Period 

    January 4th- February 4th: Riverwood Middle School

    • Conference Period: 2nd Period

    April 25th- May27th: Woodcreek Middle School

    • Conference Period: 4th Period