Ms. Burger 
    Please visit the PFE Kindergarten Website for up-to-date information!
    Welcome to Ms. Burger's Kindergarten class.

    I am thrilled to be working with your child. Our school day is from 7:55 - 3:15. Please make sure that your child is at school at 7:50. If your child arrives at school after 8:00 he/she will be tardy.  My conference period is Monday, Tuesday and Friday (12:50 - 1:35).

    If you have questions concerning your child, please do not hesitate to
    call me at 281-641-2123.


    The building is unlocked and open for supervision of students at 7:30. Please do not bring your child(ren) or let them come to school prior to 7:30 a.m.  Supervision begins at 7:30 when teachers report to school.  If you arrive before 7:30, please wait until the doors are unlocked before you leave your child unattended.  


    Specials Schedule

    Monday - Art

    Tuesday - PE (Wear Tennis Shoes)

    Wednesday - Music

    Thursday - PE (Wear Tennis Shoes)

    Friday - STEAM Lab


    Alternating Tuesdays - Library and Science Lab 


    Tutoring - Tuesday Mornings 7:30 - 8:00





    The number of children with life threatening food allergies is increasing each year.  Ingestion of proteins from the offending food can trigger a reaction and death.  Peanuts, shellfish and soy are the most common allergens.  However, there are many food products that can be life threatening.  Foods that are prepared in the same areas the offending allergen can also cause a reaction.
    Each student's food allergy is unique and requires cooperation between parents, students, staff and the community to ensure that a safe environment exists for these students.

     Things to Remember:
    1. Every Friday your child will bring home a Kindergarten Newsletter with the next weeks' upcoming events & homework activities. Changes and special events will be stated in the newsletter.
    2. Please empty and sign your child's folder daily.
    3. Birthday Treats: You may purchase ice cream from the cafeteria.