• A BIG Congratulations to the following Eagle artists who had their artwork on display at this year's Fine Arts Festival!

    Rebecca R.

    Brinlee S.

    Bennett O.

    Addison W.K.

    Melanie W.

    Samantha V.

    Amara H.

    Leah M.

    Vincent G.

    Brynlee W.

    Dominick S.

    Vivian B.

    Sarah O.

    Avery T.

    Hailey S.

    Rafael O.

    Joanna G.

    Allie M.

    Their artwork was on display on at the Bender Performing Arts Center in Humble during this year’s festival and currently now on display in the main hallways of our school.  All of these participants received 1st and 2nd place ribbons.

    We also had 2 very special awards:
    Avery T. received a Judges Choice award and Rebecca R. received a Best of Show award!

    Congratulations to these awesome Eagle artists... way to go!