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  • Humble ISD is at the forefront of innovation for student learning. Our district-level Directors & Specialists have developed some outstanding instructional programs to increase and monitor student learning. Additionally, Humble ISD has embraced these programs as part of our Local Accountability endeavors.

    Since programs that are this specific to our instruction and to our district's needs are unique, we are unable to find adequate solutions using vendor-purchased software.Instead, we develop our own in-house, high-quality web-based applications that can meet the needs of the district, and to make our Local Accountability ideas as reality.

    These original programs meet the needs of our district in regards to practical assessments and our Portrait of a Graduate goals.

    These applications include:

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  • Dr. Meaux has 33 years in education, including 28 years as a teacher at the elementary school, middle school, high school, community college, and 4-year university level. He spent 10 years at the university level training and developing college students to be public school teachers. In addition, he has training and experience as a web-programmer, including commercial programming experience.

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