Data Systems & Integration

  • Data Systems & Integration is reponsible for the creation and maintenance of programs that support teaching & learning. Many of these programs are used by departments and cmapuses across the district, and represent 'original" programs. These include:

    The Humble Portal

    • Improvement Plan
      • custom-built Improvement Plan used for planning and compliance. The programs includes Goals & Actions for the school year, linked to needs in the Comprehensive Needs Assessment, and then linked to fund expenditures.
    • State Comp Ed
      • used to detail all State Comp Ed employees across the district, incluing percentage of time paid from SCE funds, details on the purpose of the employee's SCE position, and then linked to actions in the Campus Improvement program.
    • Title Budgets
      • used by campuses and departments that receive Title funding. This program is used for planning out Title funds, including determine staff associated costs, and then linking all of the fudning to actions in the Campus Improvement program.
    • Parent & Family Engagement
      • used by Title I campuses to log and track their Parent & Family Engagement activities
    • Literacy Assessments
      • program for campuses to enter data from the district's Literacy Assessment program. This data is used to focus student literacy instruction, and to provide data for local accountability.
    • Special Services Meeting Log
      • program used by Special Education to track meetings throughout the year, and to assemble the data for compliance reasons
    • Special Ed Staffing
      • program for Special Education staff to build lists of courses for Special Education students for next school year; provides data to determine the number of Special Education teachers needed in these courses
    • Online Staffing Information
      • uprogram for campuses to list their online teachers, linked to their online certification completion status

    Teaching & Learning

    • Professional Development Catalog

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