All Kingwood HS graduates will complete at least one internship related to their personal career path. By connecting industry to learning, we are exposing our students to career experiences and a world of opportunities. Our aim is to prepare students for college, career, and life after high school.

    Focus Areas

    1. Cultivating Interests
    Expose students to various life paths to enlighten students of the impact they can have on their community and the world.
    2. Character and Soft Skills Development
    Teach life skills such as personal presentation, written and interpersonal communication, time management, goal setting, interview techniques and team building, to prepare students for work and life.
    3. Community and Business Partners
    Collaborate with businesses, colleges, government entities and the community to reveal to students the opportunities these entities present..
    4. Industry Savvy Educators
    Foster a deeper understanding of the business world to equip teachers with the knowledge to incorporate relevant learning experiences in their lessons.

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