• Charles Street Stadium


    The stadium on Charles Street was the 5th location used for Humble High School football games in the early 1900s.

    • The land for the stadium was purchased from the Bender Estate for $2,500 in October 1938.
    • The district hired Hedrick and Lindsley, Inc., Architects and Engineers of Houston to design the stadium. 
    • W. C. Lindley Lumver Co won the bid to supply materials for the construction of the stadium, while E> W. Robbins won the bid to furnish sand and gravel.

    The stadium was completed in 1942, complete with homestands with a press box, visitor stands, football field, track, a field house, and restrooms.

    Prior to the construction of Turner Stadium, the Charles Street Stadium was called "Humble Stadium."

    Football Program 11-08-1957 Program: Humble Wildcats vs Crosby, 11/08/1957


    Aerial Photograph 1944 Aerial Photograph, 1944


    Running Track 1953 Stadium running track, 1953


    Football game 1955 Humble High School football game, 1955


    Home stands, Press Box and Scoreboard Home stands, press box and scoreboard


    Visitor Stands 1962 Visitor stands in the background, 1962


    Home Stands and Press Box 1962 Home stands & press box, 1962


    Graduation 1963 Humble High School graduation 1963