• Melissa Smith

    8th Grade Math and PreAP Algebra
    Room 203



    1st Period - Algebra 1 PreAP

    2nd Period - 8th Grade Math 

    3rd Period - Algebra 1 PreAP

    4th Period - Conference

    5th Period - Algebra 1 PreAP

    6th Period -8th Grade Math 

    7th Period -  Algebra 1 PreAP



    Wednesday mornings, 7:45 am - 8:25 am

    Tuesday afternoons, 4:05 pm - 4:40 pm


    I have been teaching middle school math for 10+ years and I absolutely love it! Math may not be easy for everyone, but EVERYONE can learn it! It is my passion to make math feel like a subject that everyone can do with just a little bit of practice. I am Texan born and raised and I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from University of Houston Clear Lake. I am married with 3 kiddos of my own. I love working at Creekwood and I am so happy to be a COLT!!