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    Dear Parents,

    The number of children with life threatening food allergies is increasing each year. Ingestion of proteins from the offending food can trigger a reaction and death. Peanuts, shellfish and soy are the most common allergens. However there are many foods products that can be life threatening. Foods that are prepared in the same area as the offending allergen can also cause a reaction.

    Several students in our class have serious (life threatening) allergies to Tree Nuts, Coconuts, Peanuts, Soy, Beans, Berries and Menthol (Substances containing things like peppermint).

    Each student's food allergy is unique and requires cooperation between parents, students, staff and the community to ensure that a safe environment exist for these students.

    Attention Parents/Guardians!

    Please remember to report your child's absences to the school.

    In the event your child is absent, parents MUST call 281-641-2119 to report an absence. As stated in the Humble ISD Parent/Student handbook, a written excuse for absence is required upon returning to school. Please submit the absence excuse in writing or by email to the Registrar, Angela Griffing at angela.griffing@humbleisd.net, or your child's classroom teacher.

    Attendance policy and laws are discussed in the Humble ISD Parent/Student Handbook on pages 23-27.

    If possible, please schedule medical and dental appointments after school. This will minimize loss of valuable instructional time for your child, as well as classroom disruption.

    Check out the different tabs on my webpage for other classroom and/or school information. 

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