Kingwood High School Homecoming 2022


    The 2022 Homecoming Football Game was Saturday, September 10 at 6pm


    The KHS Homecoming Dance is Saturday, October 15, 2022,

    from 7:30 pm to 10 pm


    Homecoming Dance Tickets  are on sale until Friday night at midnight on Oct. 14th 

    ***Dance tickets are NON-refundable.


    The price of tickets is $30 each and will not go up. 

    We will not run out of tickets...but sales end Friday Oct. 14th at midnight


    *Since 2009, we have pre-booked the Humble Civic Center, the largest local venue that can hold our dances. 

    We rent the venue two years in advance. 

    Humble ISD has five football teams all trying to schedule at Turner Stadium,

    so sometimes our Homecoming Game isn't close to our Homecoming Dance. 

    It's something we've grown used to in order to have our dances at the Civic Center.


    *Homecoming MUM DAY is Friday, October 14

    To give everyone time to "find a date" and to order Mums...

    we are wearing our Mums on the Friday before the dance

    Friday Oct. 14th.

    If you wear your Mum to the game, it is the Pink-Out game...

    Consider adding a pink ribbon or other accessory to your Mum!

     New to Mums?  Find out more info here 


    Wagon Parade

    guest forms

     ***Homecoming Court

    KHS elects one underclass boy and girl per grade for prince and princess.

    Six Senior Ladies and Gentlemen will serve as Senior Court.

    One Lady and one Gentleman will be elected from Senior Court

    to serve as Homecoming Queen and King.



    Homecoming Dance


    The Homecoming Dance will be on October 15 from                    at Humble Civic Center. 

    Tickets will cost $30 each and will be on sale on RevTrak. NO sales at the door. 

    The homecoming dance is for all KHS students:  grades, 9-12. 

    KHS students are allowed to bring a guest to the Homecoming Dance. 

    Guests must be at least in the 9th grade. 

    Guests must fill out a form before attending and turn it into the KHS student's house office

    by Friday, October 14 at 1:00pm. 


    Guest forms will be available on each Class website.    

     Tickets are sold online only. No ticket sales at the door.