• Ms. Silas Sra. Silas

    5th Grade Spanish Immersion
    Room 501

    Conference/Specials 8:05-9:00




    Hello, my name is Irma Silas and I am the 5th Grade SIP Teacher.

    I was born in Los Angeles, California but raised in El Paso, Texas.  I joined the Air Force right after high school and served for 8 1/2 years.  A highlight of my career was an assignment to Germany where I served for three wonderful years.  After separating from the Air Force I pursued a college degree majoring in Elementary Education.  This will be my 19th year of teaching with 18 of those years in the Texas School System.

    I met my husband while I was in the Air Force.  He was an Air Force Pilot with a career of flying multiple military aircraft.  After his military service, he continued his aviation career as a commercial pilot with Northwest Airlines and then Delta Airlines.  He is now retired.  He is an amazing person who lets me devote a large amount of my time and energy doing what I love to do best - teaching children.

    I have a daughter attending Atascocita High School.  She participated in the Spanish Immersion Program (SIP) at Pine Forest and Creekwood Middle School.  It is through her I get a glimpse as how to prepare my students for the next level of SIP at Creekwood and West Lake Middle School. She is also my go to person for technology assistance.  She is amazing in that she is organized, a problem solver, has learned how to do minor maintenance on our automobiles with my husband and she has a great sense of humor.  I'm so glad that she has rhythm and can dance, I can't.

    I am looking forward to another amazing school year!  Follow me on Twitter at @IrmaSilas and @pfefifth.


    Irma Silas




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