• Kristina Bond 

      English II
      English IV 
       Varsity Cheer Assistant Sponsor  
      Contact Information:
      - Room 1303
      Classroom #: (281) 641-6631
      Email: Kristina.Bond@humbleisd.net

      1st period - Virtual English II & Virtual English IV

      2nd period - English II

      3rd period - English IV

      4th period - English II

      5th period - English IV

      6th period - Conference

      7th period - English IV

      Tutoring Times: 
      Tuesdays and Wednesdays - Flex "A" or by appointment

      Classroom Expectations

      Be Present: Both feet should be in the classroom before the bell rings for in class sessions. For Zoom sessions, plaese be ready to join the call at the designated time to avoid missing any instruction. Being present also includes participation in daily activities and discussions, as a speaker and as a listener.

      Be Nice: All students will be polite and respectful to each other and to me. We will share personal opinions and perspectives in this class and should handle any conflicts with grace and maturity.

      Be Prepared: Be sure to bring necessary materials, work, and an open mind each day when you walk through the door. We will be using technology to access Schoology in and out of class this year, so it is a good idea to have a device and use it appropritely. 


      Classroom Policies



      Attendance will be taken in class and in Schoology when we are out of class


      If you are absent, you are responsible for missed learning, quizzes, and tests. Students who are absent MUST check in Schoology for assignments for the day missed.


      Students who arrive after the tardy bell must go to the house secretary for a tardy pass. No students will be admitted to the classroom after the tardy bell without a pass.

      Supply List- It will be especially important for students to have their own supplies this year.

      Required: Any type of folder or binder to keep track of papers, lined paper, black, blue, and red colored pens (for editing), highlighters

      Requested: Pens, paper, markers, KleenexGerm-X, or Pencils (We have a class stash for students missing supplies)

      Optional: glue stick, post-it notes for annotation, as well as your own copies of the novels and plays we will be reading this year so you can mark them up.

      **I highly recommend students be comfortable with using Schoology and Google Docs and Slides for assignements.