Jessica Diosdado

  • Biology, On Level

    Room 1918, Gold House 1


    Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!!

    "We believe that students must DO science to learn science. We want to grow and inspire our emerging scientists to critically question, analyze, and evaluate information and claims, and to consider creative, thoughtful, and ethical solutions to issues and problems facing us today."

    Please check your emails frequently. Important information will be sent via email. 

    The main source of communication and information will be through email. Class materials will be provided in class and/or in Schoology. 

    I look forward to meeting you all and please contact me if you have any questions.




  • 1st Period - Level Biology 

    2nd Period - Conference 

    3rd Period - Level Biology 

    4th Period - Level Biology 

    5th Period - Level Biology 

    6th Period - Level Biology 

    7th Period - Level Biology 

    Tutoring : Tuesday & Thursday 3:00 - 3:30 PM