Mr. Schmidt
  • Conference Period: First Period

    Tutorials: Tuesday/Wednesday- 7:00-7-25

     Virtual Office Hours: Daily during 5th Period: 12:30-1:00

Start here

  • All class materials are located in the students' Schoology folder. Use MyHumble to log in. 

    • You may review all necessary information in the "Course Information" folder on the Schoology App  
      • Log in to MyHumble.
      • Click on the picture of the Schoology App.
      • Log in and procede to your correct course.
      • Open the "Course Information" folder.

     Virtual Textbook Information:

    1. Log in to using your MyHumble name and password, just like you were checking your email.
    2. Once the Discovery education website has loaded; scroll down until you see the big green square labeled "Science Techbook". Click on it.
    3. You should get to the "Texas Earth and Space Science (NEW)" webpage.
    4. This is the main page for our book for this year. You will be accessing it regularly to complete notes and study for tests.


  • - Carl Sagan