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    1: Girls Basketball
    2: Eng 1 Calhoun 1906
    3: Eng 1 Mockabee 1909
    4: Eng 1 Mockabee 1909
    5: Eng 1 McCausland 1910
    6: Eng 1 McCausland 1910
    7: Conference
    Below I have linked teacher Schoology Pages:

Tutoring Schedule

  • Ms. Calhoun:

    Ms. Mockbee:

    Ms. McCausland:

    My person tutorial time: Tuesday, 11:30 - 12:00pm


  • Classroom Expectations

    Students will follow the Humble ISD and Atascocita High School make and social distancing guidelines as they pertain to COVID-19.

    Students will be in class on time, well organized and ready to learn.

    Students will be tolerant and respectful of peers and teachers, and will be respectful of their classroom and materials.

    Students will participate in class discussions, turn in assignments, ask questions when they do not understand, and help others.

    Students will not use cellphones in the classroom without permission.

    Students will follow procedures and rules stated in the school handbook.

    During Virtual Learning, Students will exhibit appropriate online digital behavior and digital citizenship.