• Welcome to 7th Grade Math/ 8th Grade Math. I am excited to be a panther and teach each of your children. You will be able to find the online information that comes up on here. I am excited to be teaching here at Timberwood Middle School. 

    Assignments: My students will have assignments daily and are to be completed the next day that class meets.  It is very important for students to practice topics on a daily basis. Some class time will be given, but most students will have to complete their assignments outside of class.  Some Assignments will be given a completion grade while others will be graded for accuracy.  Points will be deducted for assignments that are not completed on time. 

    Make-up Work: If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to get the work that he/she missed and be prepared by test day.  If you miss school on the review day before a test, you are still expected to take the test when you return to school.  If you miss a test, you will be expected to take the test on the day you return or the next available tutoring day. 

                                      My Schedule 

    1st Period: 8th Grade Math

    2nd Period: 8th Grade Math

    3rd Period: 7th Grade Math

    4th Period: 7th Grade Math

    5th Period: Conference

    6th Period: 8th Grade Math

    7th Period: 7th Grade Math


    X: Student is exempt from the assignment. This does not count towards the average.

    0 (Zero): Assignment was not turned in within two weeks of the due date.

    CHECK MARK: assignment has been received by the teacher, but has not been graded. Not calculated into the average grade.

    BLANK/Z: Assignment has not been turned in. This counts as 0 (Zero). However, it can still be turned in for a late grade.


    Contact Information:


    Room: 720


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